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Know us

Our passion is plants. We have spent three generations dedicating ourselves to decorating the most beautiful gardens, houses and surroundings in our area.


Our history

In 1960, Angel Martinez was ahead of his time by creating a nursery project in Cabo de Palo. This innovative idea was the first in the area. But it was not a cultivation nursery, as one might think in those years,... the dedication of this work was going to be to create, decorate and design gardens, of the houses and urbanizations that flourished at the time, all around the Minor Sea. Its purpose was to set the scene and add a touch of living nature to all the constructions that arose throughout our wonderful environment.

Angel passed on his passion for gardening to his daughter Maruja, who gives him  name to the nursery and is known by all for its great love and loving care of all kinds of plants, bonsai modeling, decoration of flower centers, cacti... all with a special touch.

Currently Maria José, who could not be otherwise, has inherited from her mother and grandfather, that spirit of innovation and love for gardening. She manages this motivating project full of enthusiasm and passion, which she transmits to her clients in each job and personalized attention, with the professional touch that makes a big difference. 

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